Book Cover Design


Many readers really liked the THE RUN’s cover and were curious about its origin. During my initial conversations with Hayley Love, my editor at Wheatmark Publishing, I expressed a desire to be directly involved with the book’s front and back cover design. I figured who, better than me at that point, had a greater understanding of the story. She graciously agreed and was enthusiastic about my participation.

I always had a specific idea using rough photographs. This was an action story and photos seemed more visual and therefore, would come across more forceful. My wife Joan and I spent several days driving around taking digital shots of the border fence, main crossing, walls of graffiti, etc … One day we found ourselves atop a ridgeline above Border Field State Park and were abruptly escorted out of the area by the Border Patrol. Apparently, we had driven too close to an X spot and into a restricted zone.

An even more daunting task was trying to find the precise broken windshield shot for the front cover. I was armed with Ben Nye stage blood and it seemed like we tried to get into every auto wrecker and junkyard in Chula Vista and were unceremoniously turned away again and again because of insurance reasons. Don’t ask … I never really got a straight answer. Finally, one owner was cool enough to let us in and permitted me to throw around all the fake blood I wanted until I found the right looking car and the perfect photo. All he asked for in return was a copy of the book, which I gladly sent him.

I then used the computer to create some unusual effects. I forwarded the images to Hayley, who proceeded to pick out the exact ones that I would have chosen and arranged them in the ideal order. The edgy lettering and chapter fonts were her design and in my opinion, she made an excellent choice.

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