Their violent altercation soon becomes a life and death struggle between revenge and survival for all involved.  The inspiration for “The Run” could very well have been taken from today’s shocking headlines, while the premise of loyalty overcoming tragedy, is emotionally timeless.


Jimmy “J.D.” Dodd and Marty McLennan, both San Diego firefighters, plan a quick overnight getaway in the seaport town of Ensenada, Mexico.  It’s within a hundred miles of the U.S. border.  Jimmy’s delinquent cousin Steven “Sonny” Gabriel comes along for the ride.  They all have a history of deep friendships and long rivalries. The trip spins horribly out of control when they accidentally kill a ruthless enforcer and brother of the head of a powerful drug cartel.

The Americans race against time, the cartel soldiers, corrupt policemen and honest law enforcement as they attempt to make the run of their lives back for the U.S. before they are caught or killed inside Mexico’s borders.  All they want to do is to turn themselves into the American authorities and tell the true story.  They survive a series of detours and deadly gauntlets on the way and the story culminates in a shoot-out at the busy Tijuana border crossing, climaxing with an out-in-the-open, “line drawn in the sand” border field ending.